Week 12 of Virtual Learning Corvid-19

Monday 04/05/2020

Last week was a short week of school. There were two public holidays in a row (of course that happens now when we can’t travel anywhere…). Last Thursday was Buddha’s Birthday and Friday was Labor Day. Hong Kong has gone a few days without any new cases of Corvid-19 and has actually gone 2 weeks without any locally transmitted cases. The case we do have, have been imported from other places. They have been caught at the airport. As soon as you arrive, you are taken to a testing centre and placed in quarantine until you test negative.

There is talk now that they will be opening the schools again towards the end of May. Each school is going to have to have a health and safety plan, and the schools don’t even have the guidelines yet for what that plan should look like. I know that one of the possible guidelines is students need to be one metre apart at all times. I’m wondering what sort of witchcraft my school is going to use to be able to do that. We have 27 students in each class. We don’t have desks. We have two person tables. There is no way to fit everyone in the class. I’m not sure how it’s going to work, but I really hope they make it work. I would love to get back to school and see my students. I miss them so much.

At Home

At home, it’s so crazy. They are suffering so much more than what we’ve gone through. True, we’re in month 4 of this mess, but we are not fully shut down. We can still go out. The malls are open in Hong Kong (really, Hong Kong is just one big mall). There is a lot of stuff closed, but we are free to move as we please. The transit has remained operational through all of this.

In Illinois, it’s like some sort of bad pandemic movie. They are releasing prisoners from the prisons. People was confined to their homes. The Chicago mayor is threatening to arrest people who have gatherings of 10 or more. My mom just bought us plane tickets back home. The trip is in July, so we’re hoping that it all works out by then. Things seem to change so fast. Maybe it will change for the better.

For now, we have to just keep doing what we’re doing. School is still going. Work is still going. Life goes on. Hopefully, in a year, we can look back on this and laugh. Hopefully…

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