Totally Forgot This Was a Thing!

Translation: May the whole family of cockroaches die.

During the Corvid-19 thing, it appears things are still going on with the protests. There was a Mother’s Day protest last weekend. B and the kids ended up in one (just chanting slogans. None of the tear gas) when they went to Sha Tin. Around Heng On though, we are seeing more of this type of stuff. This seems to be the pro-CCP stuff? I’m really not sure.

The translation from my friend’s wife is that it says, “May the whole family of cockroaches die.”

Generally, Hong Kongers have been called cockroaches and the police have been called dogs through this whole thing. Context clues infer that this would be the anti protesters. I’m not exactly sure though because I couldn’t read what came before it.

It didn’t stay long though. It has been covered by other flyers, which have been ripped off of the wall. I was a little dismayed that it seemed people were more pro-CCP in our area until it was gone the next day. Then the flyers that covered it were gone shortly after that.

I like to think that the people who live in our area just don’t want any of it around. They don’t want any side vandalising their home. I can get behind that.

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