What Week is This? Week 10 Virtual Learning

Today’s numbers (Friday, 24/04/2020)

Holiday Time

The last two weeks, we have been off of school for the Easter holidays. Not particularly thrilled about it as we were not able to travel anywhere we wanted to. We spent a lot of times just around the house. I think we watched 6 seasons of The Office.

Bub ended up going to his friend’s house on the weekends. Monster did some crafts. Monkey worked on her drawings. At night, we tried to take a walk at least every other night.

Not exactly exciting.

What Corvid-19 Looks Like in Hong Kong

Luckily, things seem to be more in control in Hong Kong. They are able to track back local infection and most new cases are imported from other parts of the world. In a recent article from the South China Morning Post, it talks about why Hong Kong never resorted to a full shutdown. The main reason? The people. In Hong Kong, it was natural for them to don the face masks and practice social distancing. I am embarrassed to admit that those who didn’t practice these strategies were largely Westerners.

One practice that Hong Kong is using is that anyone arriving into Hong Kong is transported to a hotel serving as a temporary quarantine facility. This is where they are going to be able to catch the imported cases.

So far, today, there have been no new cases reported in Hong Kong, and for the last almost 2 weeks, the number of cases has been in single digits.

Corvid Back Home

It’s crazy what is going on in the US. Luckily, the area my parents and some of my siblings live in has a low amount of cases. So far, there have been no deaths in their county or town.

Illinois (where I come from) Jo Daviess county is where we lived for almost 10 years.

Back to School…

Week 10 of this virtual learning stuff. Our school decided to just list anything not completed by the Easter holiday as incomplete. The students will start from this point on new work.

I am curious how this is all going to work out. We don’t have an end day in sight for the virtual learning. There is talk about things starting to open back up soon because things seem to be more under control here. I don’t know what that will mean for school. They are doing the local schools’ college exams, but it’s spread out. There was talk about the secondary schools opening first, but there hasn’t been much more talk about what that will look like.

The issue for us right now though is that they started construction in our building, so it is hours of drilling. It starts at almost exactly 10:30 AM and ends around 5 PM.

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