Lunch with Friends

In an effort to give B time with the kids where I wasn’t hovering around, I went with two of my really good friends out to lunch. A and M are a married couple I have gotten to know since moving here. A works in the same department as me, and we get along famously. Both have been super supportive since this all happened.

I met up with them at Wu Kai Sha. We were going to get Dim Sum, but M said he had a better idea. He knew of a place that he really thought A would enjoy. I was excited because M was excited to share this all with A and me. So we set out past Sai Kung, through the mountains, into a part of Clearwater Bay I’ve never seen before.

It was a small fishing village in a valley. Completely surrounded by mountains. We could see the road we came in on. It was slightly terrifying to see it from this angle as it was super curvy and very steep in places.

It was this lovely outdoor restaurant with a lot of seafood (now I am not a big seafood fan, but I didn’t care. I was happy for the experience). A was happy because they had wine.

We had a wonderful lunch just talking about nothing. M and I walked down the pier while we waited for our food.

It was amazing to be in that place with these people. These people who have taken care of me so incredibly. Not just the last 5+ months but the last 3 years. It’s because of A and M I have the support system I do. It’s because of them I am not a complete and total basket case.

M has managed to be something I didn’t expect. The voice of reason. In the moments when I start to panic or feel completely overwhelmed or angry, he is able to offer a perspective that brings me back to the ground. He has listened and been so incredibly honest. He has shared his own struggles and helped me in ways I don’t think I can ever repay.

A is amazing. She is a force to be reckoned with and a fiercely loyal friend. She has held my hand as I cried. She has taken charge when my world was falling to pieces. She has dragged me along when I was ready to give up. There is no one in to world like her. Anywhere.

These two are so incredibly important to me. They may fight and struggle, but man do they balance each other out so perfectly. No relationship is perfect. I’ve always known that, but to see these two bounce back from their time apart. It gives me hope of finding that balance, whether that be with B or with someone else.

Both of these people are my friends. It used to be in the beginning, M was my best friend’s husband. Now, he is not just her husband but my friend as well. I will always be grateful to them for all they have done for me.

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