Monster’s Class Christmas Party

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Today was Monster’s class Christmas party.  I had to make a treat for her party.  I ended up making rice crispy treats.  No one ate them at all in the party.  I am not sure why.  It makes you wonder, I suppose (at least it does me). Many of the parents there seemed to know each other.  What I have learned about this school since coming is that, unlike other international schools, this school has a high population of Hong Kongers (as in the majority).  Many of these kids have been in this school since they started school.

Most international schools are much more transient.  Kids in international schools tend to move around a lot more.  They tend to have many more Westerners as well.  Our school is not like that.  So I don’t know if that contributes the severe differences in expectations we’ve experience or what it is.

I do know my kids are not phased by the change in population.  They have done really well just rolling with it.  Kids are just kids to them.  The main thing I see from Monster is she just wants to have friends and be accepted.  This year has proven to be a struggle with that.  While she wants so badly to be friendly and connect with others, the others are not so readily willing to do so with her.  To me, she is seen as an outsider.  Attempts and efforts to integrate her into the class have largely been unsuccessful.  She has found friends in other classes and year groups.  For that, I am grateful.  Truly.  But in her own class, it has been an uphill struggle.  I have my own ideas about why, but I don’t think pointing fingers right now is productive.  We just need to keep fighting and working and pushing and hoping Monster is able to cope with her current situation.

I am happy I was able to attend her Christmas party for her.  She was her bright and chirpy self when I showed up to her room.  She largely ignored those around her as she was ignored as well much like my rice crispy treats.  Who cares though.  We had a great time together.  We both had a rice crispy treat and giggled about noting in particular.  She will always be my monster.

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