Making Christmas Decorations

We came to Hong Kong with very little to no Christmas decorations.  We left them all in the US.  Limited packing space and all that jazz.  We decided that we would make a tradition of creating our own decorations with the kids while we were here.

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We decided to invite a couple of the kids’ friends over to do it.  Monster was totally into making the decorations.  Her and Dude’s friends?  Not so much.  I guess it’s just a different expectation isn’t it.  They were born and raised in Hong Kong.  They have built their memories and such up and have traditions in place.  For us, it’s all very new.

For us, Christmas decorations were collected over the years as gifts and things the kids made.  They are all in containers in my brother’s basement right now for when we return or send for it all.  Some day, we will be reunited with out stuff.  LOL.

For now, we are trying to make this feel as much like home as possible.  While that is extremely difficult since they long to be with their grandparents and aunts and uncles and cousins and friends, I have to do my best to make things fun and happy for them.  Sometimes I feel like I am failing them.  Sometimes I wonder if this was the right choice (especially right now knowing that we will not be able to afford to go home for Christmas).  Plenty of people would tell me it’s wrong I’m sure, but the bigger picture tells me I was right. Love and I may struggle to make this Christmas like home, but we will do what we can to make it as wonderful as we can.


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