Hong Kong Science Museum

We went to the Space Museum in TST, but it was closed for renovations.  So we went to the Science Museum not too far away.

Their special exhibit was called “Grossology”.

The rest of the museum was really great.  There was a great deal of hands on activities.  There was very little the kids couldn’t touch.  The museum was great for kids of just about any age and definitely designed with children in mind.  It was made to be durable and engaging.

The cost for the museum wasn’t any more than what it would have cost for admission in a museum in Chicago.  It was reasonable and well worth the travel time and cost.  We were able to spend quite a bit of time walking around and looking at everything.  I think there was actually a floor we didn’t make it to before the place was ready to close.  Monster was definitely happy with this place.  We were able to turn the kids loose and let them explore without holding on to them and keeping track of them.
They more wanted us around, so they could show us something or play something with us.
There was another museum next door to the Science Museum, but it was also closing by the time we were finished.  It was the history museum.  That will have to be another trip for another day.

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