Hong Kong

Fire on the Mountain

Bub asked the night before if we could walk to Subway at City One. It’s about a 3 mile walk from our housing compound. It’s mostly down the promenade, so it’s a very pretty walk. It’s also a very easy walk. We noticed the helicopter was out picking up water. […]

Christmas in Hong Kong

It’s a weird thing for me. I am very much a photo taker of just about everything. My view of it is my kids will thank me when they’re older and they have all of these memories to look back on. I mean, maybe they won’t. It’s possible. Really though, […]

Coffee and Vegan Dim Sum

I guess I talked with a couple of the teachers I work with, K and C, about having lunch with them last Saturday. Free flow Prosecco made that conversation a bit foggy. Regardless, it sounded like good fun. One of the teachers I work with is vegan. She wanted to […]

Brunch Birthday in Central

A coworker in my department had her birthday right after we got out for the Christmas holidays. She had it at a pop up restaurant in Central called Statement. It was in a gorgeous area. The building had been the police headquarters. There was a museum on the ground floor […]