Staycation for Half Term Break

M and I decided we were going to take a staycation. I was able to find a decent rate for a hotel room at Harbor Grand in Whampoa for a night. Included in the package was tea when we checked in, free flow wine in the evening, and buffet breakfast in the morning.

The tea was simple in that it was just appetizer-type food and different drinks along with tea. The free flow wine was set at a specific time for only an hour. The breakfast was similar to the free flow.

Our room was really nice. It was huge. We were able to get the two twin beds.

I, of course, got the harbor view room. We were really looking forward to the view at night.

For the evening, M and I went shopping in Tsim Sha Tsui at Harbor City just across from Central. This was more of an upscale mall. It’s not a place that I would ever really be able to shop in. Though we did find a Kiko Milano nearby where we could get our makeup. We also went to our favorite clothing shops, Zara and H&M. When it was time to return for our free flow, we had difficulty getting a taxi. I guess we should have known that. It was a Friday night. We ended up getting an Uber and making it to the free flow in the last 30 minutes.

The nighttime view was even better. The harborfront is one of my happy places in Hong Kong, especially at night. Hong Kong will always be one of my favorite places in the world.

For dinner, there was a Pizza Express nearby. For some reason, this is one of our favorite places to eat when we go out. Normally, the main event is the rooftop bar for us. The food is not necessarily the most important. In this situation, I had drank quite a bit in the free flow, and we didn’t want to go too far.

In the morning, we had our breakfast. We grabbed a taxi after a bit to head home. Our check-out time was not until 11 AM (I think), but we were ready to head home. We had spent enough money.

The staycation was so worth it. It was something we had talked about many times, but it finally worked out.

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