Another Typhoon

Typhoon Kompasu came in right after Typhoon Lionrock. We had one day of nice weather in between where we were able to enjoy the outdoors.

The monster and I were able to take a walk to Ma On Shan. It was such a stark contrast to a few days before and what would come the next couple of days.

During Typhoon Kompasu, Monster and I decided to take a walk down to the waterfront outside our flat. Most of the major blow had occurred overnight.

It was like a wind tunnel out there. I think this is the video that was picked up by a Japanese news agency.

It was actually not too bad out relatively. After being out a few days before in the black rain, this wasn’t too back. We had also gone through a really bad typhoon in 2018, Typhoon Mangkhut.

This one wasn’t as bad at all. Though I don’t think really anything short of a T10 (the highest signal) would really cause any issues. I hope. Please, Mother Nature, don’t try to prove me wrong.

Still, this one did cause disruption because we weren’t really able to go anywhere. Most things are closed when the signal goes above a T3.

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