Thanksgiving in Hong Kong

This year, we were invited by another American couple to their house for Thanksgiving.  Last year, Bub and I were on camp at the time. The year before, we went to Pizza Hut. I missed Thanksgiving.

They just asked everyone to bring something.  So of course I made pumpkin squares.

Because Love and I couldn’t find canned pumpkin, I ended up making my own pumpkin puree for the squares.  It was ridiculously easy, surprisingly.

We had to go to Tai Shui Hang near Ma On Shan to the village where the couple lives.

We took Helper with us.  She had never had American Thanksgiving before.  I think she was surprised by the amount of food involved in it.

It was a lovely night with all of the Americans in our school.  I love the times that our community comes together.  I am told it is normal for other international schools to have a tight knit community, while our schools here in Hong Kong don’t follow those norms.  I am not sure the reason for this.

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays.  It isn’t religious.  It isn’t about gifts.  It’s about being together.  It’s about the food. It’s about a day to be family and friends.

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