Going to See Where They Make the Decision

I went again with the I&S classes on a field trip (ahhh, the perks of being the I&S liaison).  We went to the Hong Kong History Museum and LegCo.

I really like the history museum.  We’ve taken the kids there.  Then we went to Legco, which is the governing body of Hong Kong located in Tamar Park.

We were able to watch a discussion regarding the MTR.  It was pretty cool.  We sat in the gallary, and you are given headphones, and the people talking are translated into the language you need.  In my case, obviously English.

Later that day, they were going to have a debate and vote regarding same sex relationships.  I really wish we were able to see that discussion.  I know that Hong Kong is slightly behind the times in this regards, but hopefully, they start to make forward progress on this issue.

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