I try to be sympathetic….

I received an email from Monster’s teachers yesterday.  She has been spending a lot of time in the nurse’s office.  She has been late to class.  The way the email was worded, I was very tempted to get really snarky.  I emailed the nurse.  She was more than happy to have Monster around.  She said she wasn’t leaving late.  So she is late for another reason.  

I know I am probably not being fair to the teachers, but I feel like they are annoyed by having Monster in their classroom.  I have heard from multiple people they complain because she is so hard to teach.  

While I understand that the way they have set up their room is to be combined (50+ students in one room with two teachers) and it works for them, they need to understand that is it not going to be the best environment for a little girl with ADHD inattentive, dyslexia, and ASD.  Call me crazy, but that is the opposite of an effective learning environment for a child like that.

Well, we just have to muddle through and make it to the other side and see what next year holds.  Love is convinced that had she been switched to a normal class, she would be functioning much better.  He may be right.  No, he is right, but there was little I could do about that at this point.  I asked her to be switched, but it wasn’t possible (not fair to punish another child and all that since she would need to swap places).

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