extramarital affair


Turning 42 to was actually harder than turning 41. And it’s not because of the age. I don’t feel that old, but that doesn’t matter. It’s more about my marriage ending than I’d like to admit. I think last year, I had hope. I thought maybe things would work out […]

And It Happens Again…

My dear friend at work has been with our school for a year now. She moved to Hong Kong with her husband for his work the year before. So she has only been here around 2 years. At the end of July, she caught her husband having an emotional affair […]

Facing the Music

I’m currently hiding. I am at my sister in law’s home. I love her more than anything, but my mother in law is another story. We made the 3.5 hour trip down here to see B’s family. While I may not be MIL’s favorite person, I know my children need […]