To Be Betrayed

DISCLAIMER: THIS ISN’T MY WRITING. I saw this on an infidelity support group and thought it was absolutely accurate. “I feel the need to express this for some reason, and see if this is what happened to all of you.On the day I found out about my stbx’s affair, in […]


Turning 42 to was actually harder than turning 41. And it’s not because of the age. I don’t feel that old, but that doesn’t matter. It’s more about my marriage ending than I’d like to admit. I think last year, I had hope. I thought maybe things would work out […]

And It Happens Again…

My dear friend at work has been with our school for a year now. She moved to Hong Kong with her husband for his work the year before. So she has only been here around 2 years. At the end of July, she caught her husband having an emotional affair […]