Two Years since My World Blew Up

I knew it was coming up, but I actually didn’t feel too much about it. Last year was a lot harder to deal with. I ended up going to meet some friends in Diamond Hill to go to the garden there. I was sitting on the MTR when I was […]

To Be Betrayed

DISCLAIMER: THIS ISN’T MY WRITING. I saw this on an infidelity support group and thought it was absolutely accurate. “I feel the need to express this for some reason, and see if this is what happened to all of you.On the day I found out about my stbx’s affair, in […]

Facing the Music

I’m currently hiding. I am at my sister in law’s home. I love her more than anything, but my mother in law is another story. We made the 3.5 hour trip down here to see B’s family. While I may not be MIL’s favorite person, I know my children need […]