Swim Gala (yeah, I know. I’ve never heard of it either)

Swim Gala was an interesting concept. The kids choose events to compete in, and it is a competition between the houses.

3 months down, 21 to go….

I think we are getting more in the swing of things.  Love and I were able to finally get all of the boxes out of the flat last night.  I feel less like a box storage facility.  He is putting together our dining room table and entertainment center today.  We can put some stuff away once all of that is together.  We need to make the flat more like home.  I think we need to paint the walls and put up some art.  I have some art in the boxes that can be put up.  I can’t wait to get that stuff on the walls.  

Monkey’s Birthday

Today, Monkey turned 15.  I can’t believe it.  I made her a special breakfast for her birthday. I can’t believe she’s grown up so much.  I remember being young and terrified of being pregnant.  I remember Love knowing before I did that we were going to be parents.  I remember […]

First Time It Got This High

Today is the first time the pollution got to the “very high” level. We actually kept the kids in for break time and activities. Hong Kong Island actually went up to 11. One of the teachers I work with said Hong Kong likes to blame mainland China, but research shows […]