Lunch and Ballet in TST

For the first day of the Midterm holiday, we went to the ballet in TST at Hong Kong Cultural Centre.

We met for lunch in TST at the Cheesecake Factory. From there, it was a short walk to the Cultural Centre along the harborfront.

The ballet was incredible. It was both the Hong Kong Ballet and the Hong Kong Philharmonic and choir. There were two parts to it. The first was about an Oscar Wilde story. The second was taken from old monk stories. It was absolutely gorgeous in how it was done. It was definitely worth seeing.

There is a guy in our department who watches the different events. If it’s something we’re interested in seeing, he will get the tickets. We’ll do lunch and the event. It’s so much fun. It’s not something I would actively seek out as I wouldn’t really think about something like that. It’s been a good way to expand my horizons and all of that.

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