Free at Last!

Once we were sure no one else was going to get sick and tested negative, I went to see M. We only went to her house for dinner and went for a hike.

It had been such a long time since M and I had been able to see each other. It’s really hard because she is going to be leaving Hong Kong in June, so we have limited time. We hiked in a park near her house.

Unfortunately, we have to still keep our masks on even if we are outside. It was still a good hike. There were still a lot of people around.

Then we went back to her house and hung out on the rooftop until dinner was ready.

We had appetizers and wine while we waited for dinner. Her awesome dog hung out with us.

M is insistent that there are monkeys in the trees behind her house. I’ve been there many times, and I have NEVER seen a monkey. The Pup and I sat on the roof and looked for the monkeys.

I am sort of wondering if the Pup was able to hear the monkeys in the trees. I watched where he was watching and didn’t see them.

Not going to lie, I love this dog. With M going home in June, she isn’t able to take him with her. He’s going to come live with me and the kids. I have always said no more dogs. I didn’t want to have any more dogs, but with this Pup needing a home, how could I not? He is such a great pup. Bub has gotten to meet with Pup, and they get along famously. We are looking forward to welcoming him into our home as long as my fluff can get along with the Pup.

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