Compulsory Testing

For some reason, they tested the sewers around our school. They found COVID in the sewers. Because of that, Bub and I had to go get tested (along with all of the students and staff at our school). They ended up canceling school for Thursday afternoon and all of Friday to allow everyone to get into testing. We were told we had to have the test done by Friday. They told us on Wednesday.

We tried to get an appointment in the facility near where we live, but all of the appointments were taken because there were so many places that had to get tested. Monster had to have two tests done because a year 8 student at their school tested positive with COVID. Monster had to go to TKO for the first and was able to get to Sha Tin (near us) for the second one. I messed up though and scheduled Monster’s appointment at the same time as our test in two different locations.

There were pop-up testing sites all over, but the wait was at least 3 hours. Luckily, we did have appointments. It only took Bub and me about 30 minutes to get through the process. There were three lines there. The first line was the walk in line with no appointment. The next line was the appointment line. The last line was no appointment but you pay $240. From what I understand, that one ends up being people who are going to be traveling (though I would love to know who is able to travel at this point). We ran into another teacher outside the center. There were other teachers there before us and after us. We just missed them. This location was used by most of the teachers living in Sai Kung.

There were so many places that were requiring testing. They actually locked down a whole housing estate. There were a lot of cases that came out of that complex.

It’s sort of scary that they could close down a whole building. There are so many questions. What happens with food? What happens with the dog? Can we walk the dog?

This was the first time we’ve had to get tested through this whole thing. A friend at work has had to be tested a few times, but she goes out a lot more than me (which sounds so sad). At this point, I have been avoiding places where you have to sign in with the LeaveHomeSafe app. Pretty much any restaurants require you to sign in.

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