Now It’s Our Turn…


They decided late last week that it was time for the secondary schools to go online. Thankfully, it’s only the last week before the Chinese New Year holiday. I am really worried about what this is going to mean for my students. There were so many that struggled with online learning. We will see how it all goes. The benefit is that we’ve been there, done that. Hopefully, it won’t be too bad.


This has gotten crazy out of control for us. Well, for us anyway. So far, I think, Hong Kong has been able to kick this down the road. This was always going to happen at some point, I think. We couldn’t hold it off forever. Though we did manage to hold off Delta pretty well. They are saying most of the cases are the Omicron variant. It’s spreading so fast.

I am worried about my own kids starting online schooling. It hasn’t gone well in the past. I’m hoping it goes better. They are older and wiser, I hope.

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