Wellbeing Day, the doctor, and Tea

Amidst the COVID stuff and being told we can’t go home for Christmas (because, you know, 3-week quarantine), our school decided to make one of our Friday after-school meetings a wellbeing day. We had a choice of about 20 options to attend for the afternoon. My first choice was my favorite hike, but I realized I had to take the kids to the doctor that day and couldn’t get back from Sai Kung in time to get to Mong Kok.

This didn’t include getting the kids from home in Ma On Shan. It was easier to be at the school (which was a <10 minute walk from home) and go from there.

I ended up in the strudel making class. Our school had just finished these brand new kitchens.

We made a spiced apple strudel. I worked with one of the science teachers I work with. It was such a good experience. The strudel wasn’t the best because the dough was actually a completely different dough. I think it was done this way because we only had about 2 hours to complete it. To make the actual flaky crust would have taken a lot more time. The guy who taught us was a French guy. He was good. It was definitely an enjoyable experience.

After school, I had to take Monster and Bub to their neurological pediatrician. I take them to this doctor either once a month or every two months. This doctor manages their ADHD and the medications they each take. We have to check in with the doctor to manage side effects and progress.

The office is in this building near the Mong Kok MTR station. The next door over was a 711 where I normally take the kids after we’re done. This time though, there was a new tea place.

The place was actually called Dont Yell At Me. I can’t even remember what was there before. The kids loved it though. They thought the name was great. We left and stood outside to let them drink their tea. B had gone with us to be more involved in this part of everything. He and Bub were yelling at each other and then holding up their cups to say, don’t yell at me.

I’m hoping this place sticks around. Bub hates going because he gets car sick in the taxi. Monster hates going because… not even sure. I guess coming home from the long commute to school and then having to go where you pass the school again.

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