Back to School for the 2021-2022

We are back at school. We’re not online. Thank goodness. It was a bit of a crazy start. Everything seems to be compressed into so little time. We’ve essentially lost about a year and a half of school to online learning. While some kids fared pretty well with it, others really did not.

I am grateful though. We are back IN school face to face. Our schedule is better than last year. The morning break was moved, but all of the kids have their lunch break at the same time. This is so much better than last year when the year 10s and 11s had three 20 minute breaks at different points throughout the day.

The kids are only allowed to eat on the ground floor. There is no food service. They need to bring in food. We have to wear masks basically at all times. BUT we are in school again.

Monster is in year 9 at the other school. Monkey is starting an associate’s degree in design. Bub is in year 11 here at my school. We are moving on.

I hope this school year can lead to some normalcy for these kids and for us. I know that isn’t very likely, but we can hope.

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