Monkey is a College Student!!!

Monkey applied to Hong Kong Design Institute in the spring. We found out right before school ended that she wasn’t accepted because we had filled in the application incorrectly.

C suggested speaking to the further education department at school, and their suggestion was the community colleges that are in a few of the universities in Hong Kong. We looked at the different programs and found design degrees that would go with what Monkey wants to do.

So we got her applied to Poly Tech U and City U’s community college, UOW. She got an interview letter in the beginning of July from City U. A week later, she received an acceptance letter into the design program for the associates degree program.

I got her deposit paid. It was a quick turn around. Her first deposit had to be paid by 15th July. After I paid that, Monkey got an interview from Poly U. I asked Monkey to look at the programs again and decide which she preferred. I had only paid $4800. She chose City U. We got her paid up, and waited for the registration letter.

Today, we went to the UOW campus to register Monkey for school.

She will attend the design program for an associates degree in visual communications. I’m so excited for this next chapter in her life. The last year has been difficult with the pandemic and the school she originally wanted to attend closed down in Hong Kong.

The next step: A job.

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