Learning Hong Kong Style Mahjong

Work friends needed a fourth to attend a lesson to learn mahjong. It sounded like fun. It’s this guy who gives lessons into Hong Kong style mahjong. From what he was saying, there are many different versions of the game depending on region. There are even different tile sets.

We went to Wan Chai to this guy’s friend’s apartment for the lesson.

It was complicated at first. I’m not sure I understand the scoring at all, but I do understand how to play now. The lesson went out for about 2 hours. I think the overload of women was getting to him, but he was good. We were able to start playing without having our tiles down so everyone could see.

The only tiles I could actually read were the number tiles, and that was because I had started to learn Japanese years ago. Either way, that did help. The game itself isn’t super complicated. What complicates it, it would seem, is the scoring.

It was a good time though. Definitely learned something new. It was good to spend the time with C. We ended up taking the bus home together. I am so grateful for her. She’s gotten me through so much.

Another success in my summer of saying YES!

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