Pupper gets a Haircut!!

Her hair has gotten so long!!!

The fluff’s hair was getting out of hand. She was so shaggy and her ears were getting matted. I decided to go out and get shears from a pet shop at the next train stop. I figured if I had the shears, I would be able to handle Fluff’s hair on my own.

She’s also getting older and going to the potty is a bit harder for her. With the feathers on her back end, she was a stinky dog.

So I got the shears. This morning, I asked H to give Fluff a bath. After she’d dried a bit, I started shaving away at her ears. I was only really going to do her ears at that point, but I just kept going. By the time I was done, there was a second dog sitting next to me in the amount of hair I had shaved off of her. She was so much cleaner and she seemed much more comfortable.

She looks much happier and cleaner.

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