Japanese BBQ with the Monsters

There is this place in Tsim Sha Tsui at iSquare that B and I had been to before years ago. Yakiniku Gyukura.

It was an interesting experience with the kids. What it basically is is a table with a BBQ in the middle of the table. They bring you meat to cook on the BBQ. We ended up ordering way too much food for them though. Monster doesn’t like meat, so we got a 4 person order, and that was way too much. I would definitely order less than you think and just add to the order as you need it.

This was B’s fathers day gift. He had talked about wanting to take the kids to this place for a while. We tried to go on fathers day, but they were super busy (of course). We took them back to the place the next weekend. It was such a good time with the kids. They really enjoyed it, and I think they were stuffed.

After that, they went to see a movie. B and I walked through TST for a bit. Then we headed back to wait for the kids to get home.

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