Balcony Gardening

The day before was Mothers Day. We went to the Flower Market in Prince Edward. I was able to get more pots, pot hangers, and a shelf for my plants.

In the hanging baskets, I have an apple tree, a mango tree, a pineapple plant, and kumquat seedlings. I few weeks before, I had bought herb plants from a market in the mall next door to my flat.

We now have fresh basil, mint, rosemary, thyme, and chilis. Though my thyme plant doesn’t look too happy. I don’t think the herbs do well in the Hong Kong heat.

After a period of storming, I found some new friends in the lemon tree pot. I’m not sure how the spores got into the pot, but we now have mushrooms. By the end of the day though, the mushrooms had not had a good day.

They seem to really like the stormy weather. They don’t like the sun.

I really love having these plants. Back in the US, I couldn’t keep anything alive. So far, I have been growing quite a bit from seeds. I did buy the herbs as plants, but my trees came from seeds that I took from fruit that was in my kitchen. My next try I think is going to be an avocado. I did try that a couple of years ago with no success.

Oh! And I have peach seeds in my refrigerator. I totally forgot about those. The instructions I found say that they need to be in a cold environment for a couple of months until they start to take root.

I need to check those…

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