Saying Goodbye

Our department is incredible. We have some really amazing people in our group. One of the EAs had been there long before I had come to the school. Her husband got a job in the US (in Atlanta, Georgia), and she was going to be leaving the school the next month.

We ended up going to Tseung Kwan O to this place on the water. It was called Chilli Lime. It was over near where we used to live before everything happened. I dislike being in this area because of the memories there. It was a time I believed we were happy. Silly me.

(Weird sidebar: It’s weird because now I look at time as before the affair and after the affair. Or before discovery and after discovery. It’s a strange way to look at time. I know it’s not always healthy. Really though it was before and after my reality was completely blown out of the water.)

Anyway, it was a good time.

P has been incredible. She was a good friend and so good at her job. She has been there for almost a decade. She has a little girl who was born in Hong Kong. I know P wasn’t happy about going. She wasn’t angry of course. She was really sad to say good bye to Hong Kong and our school.

I am a bit excited because she’s moving to Atlanta which is about a 3 hour drive from my parents’ new house in Tennessee.

That’s the hardest thing about international schools. People are very transient. People are always coming in and out. Right now, it is a bit of a tricky time in Hong Kong. We have had so many kids leaving to obtain their BNO. A lot of teachers have also made the choice to move on this year (though that is an every year thing). I think because we have been so stuck, it’s a little more apparent when we lose people we’ve known for at least 2 years.

One of the ideas I have had to sort of think about is that at some point in the future (hopefully not for a few more years), I will have to decide where we need to go. I know I want to at least make sure Bub makes it through school. Monster wants to finish out school here as well.

We are going to miss P so much. I do hope that some day soon we will see her again. I am willing to make that 3 hour drive to see her. =]

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