Mother’s Day

My mother’s day gift from my eldest child, Monkey. It’s a drawing she did from a video game that she plays. I had seen one of her drawings of this guy a while ago and asked her to make me a drawing. I call him the chicken guy. =]

I have one!! I set it as my lock screen ultimately, and I am going to get it made into a sticker to put on my laptop. I am so excited.

For mother’s day, we went to RB Tea in Mong Kok.

It was a waffle and breakfast place in one of the many (MANY) malls. It was similar to the places we had seen in Japan.

It was one of the first times in a long time I have had all three of the monsters out in a restaurant. Normally, we order take out or delivery. For mother’s day though, we were living large.

The food was so good. Bub got this sandwich that was made with waffles. He didn’t eat the whole thing, so I got to taste that. Monster had oreo waffles. Those were so good.

It was a good mothers day with my monsters. I am such a lucky mom. While they are stressful at times, they are amazing people. I am so proud to be their mother. I love them all to pieces.

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