Dinner In Central

Saturdays are M and my night out. We were meeting one of M’s friends in Central to have dinner at Le Bouchon.

We’ve gone here before. Actually, we’ve gone a few times. We go there to have filet mignon and fries. It’s some of the best food. The friend of M’s we met is a younger Chinese woman who works as a lawyer. She’s a wonderful person. Even though she’s half our age, we seem to get along really well.

After we had dinner, we went to the old police block where they have put in a museum as well as a bunch of restaurants and bars. We tried to get into Dragonfly, but the way that they are able to keep the bars open now is for the people who come in have to be able to prove that they have had at least one of the vaccinations. Though it seemed really hit or miss as to which ones required it.

M and I had had our vaccinations, but our friend had not had hers yet. She was waiting to go with her mother because her mother was uneasy about going.

We ended up going to another bar in the square that didn’t require it. Not sure why they didn’t. It was a really good night. I really like this area. This is the place I went for the brunch and for the vegan dim sum.

In the first 4 years we spent in Hong Kong, I had hardly gone out with anyone. Granted, neither did B at first. B didn’t really make any friends (that he told me about). It wasn’t until probably a year into our time in hong Kong that B started going out every Sunday “to the computer markets”. He had that time each week to himself to do whatever it was that he was doing. I always felt guilty for going out with friends. I always felt like I owed him all of my time because he made such a huge sacrifice to move to Hong Kong. I tried to do everything and be everything to show my appreciation for what he had done for me.

That made me look like a fool. While I was beating myself up about his huge sacrifice, he was off screwing local women.

No more. I am done catering to any man, especially him.

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