2nd Jab: Pfizer’s BioNTech Vaccine

We went back to the same place to have the second jab of the vaccine. The first time was super easy. There was really not a lot of waiting. This time though, there was a wait.

There were a couple of different places that you have to wait. This was down on the main level. There were two different holding lines going on. This is where you have to wait for the lift to go up to the floor with the vaccination.

As said before, this place is absolutely gorgeous. This is a place that wouldn’t be too bad to go for medical care. I’ve been in the public hospital wards to visit a fellow teacher. It’s a dismal place. This place doesn’t seem so bad. I know that the private hospitals are actually pretty nice.

Once you get up the lift, you end up in the same waiting room with numbered chairs. Then into the exam room to have your vaccine.

I actually ended up in an overflow rest room, but it was only in for 15 minutes. It was much less eventful this time. Once we got out, I think I took a few hours nap. I was unwell the next day though. It seems that the second jab is a lot harder to take.

So I am fully vaccinated now! One day we’ll be able to travel again. I want to go home to see my family.

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