New Hobby: Cross Stitching

Ages ago, B bought this book for me that has cross stitch patterns in it with some sarcasm. That book actually made the trip to Hong Kong from the US and sat on my shelf for such a long time. About a year before everything happened (that’s how my life is now, before it and after it), we found this cross stitch fabric at the Filipino market in Central.

I finally started making good use of it. I’ve completed about 5 patterns in the book and did it in a fairly quick amount of time.

I have found cross stitch to be really calming. There is so much concentration that is required to make sure that there are no mistakes. It really works well to clear the mind of all of the crap going on in your head.

At some point, I’m going to have to find more floss because I’ve run out of black, but until I am out of the colors that work, I’ll keep going.

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