Spring Cleaning

We started our Easter holiday the previous weekend. This week, I have been working on organizing the flat. I started by organizing the paperwork that was sort of scattered all over the place. That took all day to do.

Today, I focused on the stuff under my bed.

The way my bed works is that there is a large space below, and that is where we store a lot of the stuff that we don’t need regularly. It was a huge mess because it was sort of “out of sight, out of mind” situation. It was completely full though. There were a lot of clothes that we haven’t even looked at in a couple of years. I was able to through all of those and start getting rid of things.

I had Monster go through the other clothes and get rid of what we didn’t need. I had Monkey do the same. Both of their clothes are in my room.

My window sill was also a place things got dropped. I was able to clean all of that out as well. I had also bought a few things to put on the wall to help with organization.

I also worked on the art that I wanted to put up on the wall. I hadn’t been able to get anything hung up because you have to have an impact drill to be able to drill into the walls. I ended up using Gorilla Putty to hang stuff up on the walls. I still have a few things to hang yet.

This is my space. I can do whatever I want with it. It’s freeing to be able to have control over this space. I don’t have to clear anything with B because it’s not his place. I know he has some issues with what I do, but it doesn’t matter anymore.

It’s so liberating…

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