2nd Attempt at Vegan Macarons

I have a couple of people in my office that are vegan. I do a lot of baking and bring what I bake into work. Many times, they aren’t able to partake.

I decided to attempt vegan macarons. The first time, my friend brought the chick pea juice to use. I didn’t have enough though to reduce it down to the right consistency.

I wasn’t able to get the feet on the macarons. So I went and got my own chickpeas to use the juice to reduce it to a more usable consistency. I also tried to make coconut frosting, but that turned out more like paste than frosting.

Coconut frosting

I got two cans of chickpeas and took the juice. That was reduced down to about 40% of the mass. The only downside was I had two cans of chickpeas. I found a recipe for chickpea burgers.

I added red chili peppers to the burgers. I loved them. The kids did not like them so much.

First batch did not work….

I had some issues the first time around with the macarons because they took forever to bake. This time, I increased the temperature and baked them the same as the non vegan macarons.

That didn’t work…

The second baking didn’t go too badly though they still don’t have the feet. They were sort of just like cookies. I used the olive spread to make the frosting.

2nd attempt at vegan macarons

They don’t look very pretty, but they taste pretty good. You can’t tell that the cookie itself is vegan. The frosting is a little more obvious because the consistency. The olive spread doesn’t work the same way as butter. It does work though. Next time, I want to try the cashew frosting recipe that is with the macaron recipe.

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