Shopping and Dim Sum

M and I went to Sha Tin to go to New Town Plaza to go shopping and have Taiwanese dim sum.

This was one of the first malls we went to when we first came to Hong Kong. We stayed at the Regal Riverside Hotel, which is on the right side of the mall. It was a quick walk across the river. We stayed at that hotel for 2 weeks until we were able to find a flat.

New Town is a mall that has a lot of the very upscale shops along with the not so upscale shops. This is a popular mall with tourists because of the range of the shops and the range of the restaurants. It is also connected to an MTR station.

This is a good mall as far as malls go in Hong Kong. And in Hong Kong, as my brother says, it is all malls and mountains.

M wanted to show me this dim sum place she really likes, Din Tai Fung. She said they have a Michelin star. They have locations all of the world. There is actually one in the US. I believe it was in Seattle.

M is funny because she doesn’t like Dim sum, but she likes this place. It was really good. We even ordered this shrimp thing and I don’t like shrimp. I really liked this though. I have found that she is one of the few people I will try new things with.

This has become our custom. She and I go out of Saturday just about every week. She and I have had similar experiences in more than just the infidelity. She is an amazing support.

This chick has gotten me through so much. I don’t know where I would be without her.

One of our next Saturdays is another tattoo. She has what she wants to get. I’m still trying to figure out what I want. I am so excited to do it. The thought of tattoos used to fill me with anxiety. B has been very clear that he isn’t attracted to tattoos. He was also very clear about every little aspect of my body he doesn’t like. I think he’s been so thorough in his criticism that I actually don’t give a crap anymore more.

I love this lady. =]

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