Getting the First Jab

The vaccine was opened up to teachers a week or so ago. Shortly after that, the vaccine was opened up to helpers as well. H went to get her vaccine the day before.

We went to the medical centre in Sha Tin. It was a gorgeous building. It was a little strange though because it was completely empty except for this vaccination process. From what I am understanding now is that it’s a brand new facility.

The whole process was completely organized and well managed. You start in the beginning by a temp check. Then there is a QR code you scan and add in your information. The site sends you a Whatsapp message you use when you go upstairs. There are people and signs directing. you through.

You come to a room with numbered chairs where you wait for the nurses to call you back.

The wait here wasn’t very long. I think it was maybe 10 minutes. It was calm and very organized. There was a group of about 3 of us called back for our turn. We were directed to an exam room with 4 cubicles behind curtains.

The woman before me went in. I waited another couple of minutes. When I went behind the curtain, the attendant took my ID and asked a bunch of questions. Then he gave the jab and directed me to the rest area.

There was an area where we were meant to go to sit for 15 minutes for the nurses to observe us to make sure there weren’t any adverse reactions. I was sitting there just listening to music. This guy in front of me looked like he had fallen asleep. Strange because we were only meant to be in there for a short time. I sat and could feel something weird. It started at my shoulder and went up into my neck. I sort of panicked because I started feeling dizzy. A nurse was walking around and sort of nudged the guy in front of me.

He had passed out. She tried a little harder to wake him up. He slumped forward. Everything happened really quickly after that. All of the perfectly lined up chairs were shoved to both sides. As they tried to wake him, he slowly (almost comically if it wasn’t so alarming) slid down his chair onto the floor. Nurses rushed in with a mobile bed.

He was a young guy. Definitely younger than me. Pretty fit. It took 6 people to lift him onto the bed. After they flopped him on the bed, they wheeled him into a little room in the back of the area. At that point, anything I was feeling faded and as soon as it was calm, I got out of there. When I left, it didn’t seem dire. He was breathing. They seemed to be just monitoring him.

The whole situation was surreal. I was able to get home with no issue. I did end up sleeping for a few hours after the vaccine. Then the next day, I felt dizzy with a headache and a sore arm.

Overall, the experience was extremely organized and pleasant. Other than the guy passing out, it was a good experience. I have to go back 11th April for the 2nd jab.

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