Christmas In March

As with everyone, there was no traveling over the Christmas holidays. Because of this, my mom sent us boxes for Christmas.

We were a little concerned about how long it would take because the last box my mom sent took almost 2 months to arrive. This time, however, it was only a couple of weeks to get both boxes. My mom sent me daily updates about where the boxes were.

The first time they tried to deliver them it was the one day(and at a time) that no one was home. H was picking up the Monster from school. Bub and Monkey were both at the school with me.

The next day, Bub and I went to the post office. I wasn’t sure if both boxes were there. I had thought that they would send it to the post office in the shopping centre (Heng On Estate) across the road. Instead it was sent to the next train station.

We walked down the Promenade to get there. Bub had been at the school until about 12:40 PM. He and I were due back in class at 1:50 PM. I thought it would be quick.

I was wrong.

At the post office, it took forever. There was a huge line before us. We finally got to the front. Both boxes were there. One was massive. It was lucky I brought Bub with me. I had also brought the little pull cart we had for groceries. I was able to put one on the cart, and Bub carried the other box all the way home.

It took so long to get home. Bub had to rest quite a few times (which I don’t blame him). We were both late for class by a couple of minutes.

We had to wait for the other two to get home before we opened them. They were so excited.

I can’t wait until we can finally go home. I’m not sure when that will happen though. They still require the 3 week in hotel quarantine. They are going to start the vaccines here, but so far who can receive it is limited. Even then, I don’t know when the kids will get the vaccine. We are also limited in choice of the vaccine between the Sinovac and BioNTech.

I just want to go home and hug my nieces and nephews.

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