Gardening on the Balcony

The monster and I have started a bit of a garden on the balcony. I normally can’t grow anything, but somehow we got something to grow.

These lemon trees were some of the original seeds we planted. I have had to replant them a few times now because the roots.

These guys were other seedlings I had growing. Their growth seemed to be a bit stunted because they were in a smaller container.

These lemon trees were a second round of seeds we planted. I ended up actually finding a few seedlings in the soil when I replanted a few of the plants. These are the plants I found sprouting. I mixed egg shells with the soil for this one.

I bought some red chilis at the wet market at Heng On. I cut a few of them open and planted the seeds to see if I can get any of them growing.

I also bought some yellow apples. I have no idea what kind they were because the name was in Cantonese at the wet market. I’m not sure what will happen with these because I think that they may be hybrids.

I used this bowl to plant lime seeds. I had already tried to plant lime seeds, and it hadn’t worked. This is the second round of seeds I am attempting.

This is the lemongrass plant Monster’s teacher had given a while ago. We were able to keep it going. I ended up trimming the leaves because it was starting to dry out.

This whole adventure has just grown. I’ve gone multiple times to the Japanese home goods store to get pots and soil. Hopefully they survive the summer here. It gets so hot.

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