F2F Learning: Day 3

Today was the third time we were in school with the year 10s. We had been in on 22nd January and 25th January. The year 10s were the only ones on the campus in the secondary school today. This is our last time with F2F teaching before Chinese New Year. I miss seeing these goofballs on a regular basis.

For advisory time, we had it on the basketball court and let the kids free roam. It was a really great idea. I think the kids really liked it. They were a bit confused by the freedom. It was a bit cute.

Only the last 2 weeks

The way it’s working for us when we are in school is that they have a regular schedule until lunch time at 1PM. Then their last class is just work set online. I doubt that these kids ever really look at that last class. Otherwise, when they are online, they have hour long classes.

It was good to see that the maths class was outside working. I was outside during break time on the 3rd floor, and I was able to see Bub working in his math class with his best friend.

Only last 2 weeks

I had 2 classes with the year 10s today. It was so good to see them all. They all seemed so happy to see each other. I think that the online schooling is really starting to get to them. My co-worker who works with Bub said he was so happy to be at school. He told her he wanted to be in school. To know Bub is to know those words have NEVER passed his lips.

I will say that Bub has made some progress. I know it is hard to see it because the online schooling is really difficult for him.

We don’t know what is happening after Chinese New Year. We haven’t heard anything more about a vaccine. Hong Kong is carefully considering their options for the vaccine. I am grateful they are being careful, but I wish there was some light at the end of the tunnel.

All of the cases. RED in last 2 weeks. GREEN is cases more than 2 weeks old.

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