Hiking for Christmas

I went with M for a hike from her home on Po Lo Che.

The first part of the hike was killer. It was all steps. There are two ways to go up. The quickest way up is all stairs. That almost killed me when we tried it over the summer. That was more because it was hot out though. I was in better shape over the summer because I had been working out almost everyday.

We took the long way up that didn’t involve all of the steps. It took us up by a temple. We made it to the top of the mountain.

There were a bunch of teachers from KGV up there. The week before, one of the DT teachers at KGV had died from a cycling accident. He was one of Monster’s teachers. From the sounds of it, he was an amazing person. It’s such a sad thing.

We watched the paragliders at the top of the mountain. They weren’t actually able to take off because there wasn’t enough wind at the time. There were about 10 of them up there trying to catch the wind.

At the top, it looks down on Sai Kung and the different islands. We sat up there for a while and enjoyed the breeze. On the way up, we were sweating. After sitting up there though, it was pretty cold.

Afterwards, we took the quick way down by the steps. I counted 300 steps before I stopped counting. We still had a ways to go.

It was so peaceful up there. The view is absolutely gorgeous. It’s a hike I’ve done in the past. I have been up there a few times before, but it is still worth the hike.

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