Coffee, Tea, and Vegan Dim Sum

I guess I talked with a couple of the teachers I work with, K and C, about having lunch with them last Saturday. Free flow Prosecco made that conversation a bit foggy.

Regardless, it sounded like good fun. One of the teachers I work with is vegan. She wanted to try a dim sum place that was near where we were for the brunch on Saturday. I’m not vegan, but I’m not opposed to vegan food.

Food is food. As long as it tastes good.

We met at C’s flat on Peel St in Central. She lives in the Midlevels, so you have to take the escalators up the mountains. It’s actually (supposedly) the world’s longest escalator. It’s an interesting area. The escalators can change direction depending on what time of the day it is. It goes one direction in the morning and another in the evening based on the work day.

Because it was the holidays (and work from home), this didn’t really effect much for us.

Anyway, C took us to a coffee shop, Ninety’s that was located off the escalators.

Their coffee was delicious. I ended up purchasing some of their coffee to take home. They are environmentally conscious. They give you the coffee in glass bottles you can bring back to have refilled. I had a latte. I’m not really sure what the little wrinkled bean things were, but they tasted really good. The coffee was amazing.

After coffee, we walked back to the area we had been in for brunch. The restaurant, LockCha 樂茶軒, we went to was next to the place we had been at on Saturday.

Because we were three, we weren’t able to sit outside. We had to sit inside. It wasn’t a horrible deal though.

It was entertaining because the social distancing method was just a piece of cardboard.

The deal with this place was apparently the tea. They had an extensive tea list. It was almost $10 USD for the tea.

The food was pretty reasonable in terms of price. It was absolutely amazing.

We got way more than this, but these were all of the photos we took. We spent more time eating because the food was so good. It was a lot of little plates, but it was still so much food. I think we had one dish that had fake beef. Even that was delicious. I’m not usually a fan of fake meat, but whatever they used, it was definitely passable.

After lunch, we sat at an outdoor bar in that square. It was some drink with an Italian orange soda and Prosecco (I think).

It was a great afternoon with friends. I really am grateful for these people in my life. It still amazes me the people you’re able to meet. These were people I would have never known if I hadn’t left my home. One was from the UK and the other was actually from the US (from Oregon).

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