Even the Pupper was Cold…

The weather is starting to turn in Hong Kong. Normally, it starts to cool down in the middle of October. It seems like it stayed warmer longer here in Hong Kong. I think having to wear masks has something to do with that. Those things suck.

Now, it’s getting cold.

Okay, this is where people are going to roll their eyes.

After living in Hong Kong since 2016, I have acclimated to the climate. This weather would have been shorts weather in Illinois. Here, in Hong Kong, I am freezing. I have fuzzy socks, sweatpants, thermal long sleeved shirt, and a blanket.

Now, at night, it’s gotten into the 50s. While in Illinois, that wouldn’t be a huge deal because you can turn on the heat. Here in Hong Kong, the buildings don’t have any heat. The buildings are also made completely of concrete. Additionally, the windows are single glazed. Heat isn’t held in nor is cold air (A/C) held in. These buildings are not very heat efficient.

We do have space heaters I got from a friend the first year we were here. She has never taken them back. Thankfully.

It’s a strange thing to be cold when I have experienced much colder temperatures. The upside is it’s objectively not that cold. It’s not dangerous, just uncomfortable. My family thinks it’s funny that I am cold as they are experiencing much colder weather.

Normally, it is much colder in Northern Illinois by this time. Still, I am happy to be in Hong Kong in this climate. I actually like that I have been able to acclimate to the weather here. It makes the summers much easier.

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