I Spoke Too Soon…

I spoke too soon. Today, we had 115 cases, and most of them are local in some way. The caveat is that a chunk of those are as a result of dance halls that have been operating and have ended up spreading the virus pretty far.

We learned today that we would be online starting on Wednesday. It seemed that they would just power through this current wave of Covid, but the EDB has decided to close schools for the two weeks before the Christmas.

We have just learned that the government has issued a work from home order for civil servants, so that means that we will be working from home for the first week at least.

I am not thrilled about this idea. The two I still have in school are rubbish at online learning. Bub has actually been making progress in his schoolwork. I am so scared we are going to lose that progress.

So here we are online again in a couple of days. We still have to go to school on Monday and Tuesday. There are more social distancing guidelines that should be coming out here soon.

I really wish we could go home for the Christmas holiday. I miss my family so much. I can’t wait to meet my nieces that were born.

One day we will be able to go home, right?

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