This is Why We Don’t Listen to Rumors, People…

There was a lot of speculation around the press conference that was supposed to happen the other day. Most were sure they were going to close the schools down.

We’re still here. The information I have right now says 81 cases for yesterday. I have heard that today we have over 90. Again, I know there are places around the world right now that are much worse off. This is in relation to Hong Kong.

Here we are now with no indication that there will be any sort of closure. From what I am told (so who knows if that is really the truth), my company is one of the first alerted to any sort of changes because of their size. My company is over 20 schools. So far we have not received any word that there is going to be any closure.

So, for now, we are still in school. We have 2 more weeks until we are on Christmas holiday. I can’t wait for the holiday. I know we had a week off in October, but still, I’m exhausted. I know the students are. My own kids are. This year has been a struggle.

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