Bad News, Everyone

I will start off by saying I appreciate that the situation in Hong Kong is no where near as dire as it is around the world right now. Totally get that. I am sure there may be some eye rolls in showing our numbers. What comes after is discussing the situation relative to Hong Kong.

For the last few months, Hong Kong has been in a good place in terms of Covid-19. We had a few cases a day, but the majority (if not all) of the cases were imported. They were caught at the airport or shortly after arrival. They didn’t have the opportunity to enter the community.

That has not been the case this past week…

Since this past weekend, our local cases have skyrocketed (again, relative to Hong Kong). Most of the cases have been local cases instead of imported.

There have been rumors that we will be going online here soon. Looking at the cases, we shouldn’t be in school based on previous thresholds. There is going to be a press conference with the EDB today in the afternoon. We will either go online on Friday or next week (again, that’s the rumor).

It’s such a weird time for students right now. There seems to be so many more mental health issues going on. I have at least 2 students in my year group who are extremely fragile right now. I know there are many more. This whole virus thing has really messed up the normalcy for these kids. They don’t know how to cope.

I think going online would be a blessing for some and a curse for others. I am not looking forward to it because my own kids don’t function well online. I think Bub definitely needs to routine of classes and the socialization. Online learning was a nightmare with him.

Monster handled it a bit better when she went to classes, but it took a while to get her to go. I don’t know. I’m not thrilled with the idea of being online again. I hate online learning.

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