Halloween in Hong Kong…

This is our 5th Halloween in Hong Kong. The entire time we’ve been here, we haven’t really found trick or treating. The first year here, we did get the kids costumes. They were all going to the same school at the time, and they were able to wear costumes. After that, it was more or less forgotten about.

Halloween wasn’t the same. When we were home, we would go to my brother’s house. He lived about 6 blocks from us. It would be him, my parents, my brother, his wife, and us. My one brother and his wife would stay to hand out candy, and the rest of us would go trick or treating around the town.

The kids were much younger then, and Halloween was a big deal. As time has passed here though, they have all gotten older, and trick or treating has no longer been a thing that they really want to do. With the exception of Monkey, who loves to dress up, it was less and less a thing we even acknowledged as the years passed.

It was on a Saturday, so I ended up going to my friend’s house for dinner. B had his day with the kids. If he really wanted to do something with them for Halloween, he could have. Saturday is my one day where I can have time to myself. Otherwise, I am with the kids pretty much any time they are not at school.

My friend lives in a village in an area called Po Lo Che in Sai Kung. It’s at the top of a mountain. The road going up is sort of anxiety inducing. It’s a curvy road that is one lane for about half of it.

Where you come from is down in the righthand side up the mountain to the red marker. It’s a wild ride.

Her village ended up having a really big event for trick or treating. I don’t think she even realized how big it was going to be. There were scary soundtracks playing throughout the village. There were kids EVERYWHERE. It was a little strange because most of the kids didn’t even have costumes on. This was the first time I had seen trick or treating since I came to Hong Kong.

M and I sat on her back patio while her helper grilled dinner. It was such a great night out. We talked about the hearing she had for her divorce a few days prior. We talked about B bringing me a birthday gift. We talked about potential possibilities for future relationships.

We had a great time, and I don’t think I would have made it through as much as I have as well as I have without her. I am so grateful to her friendship and shared experiences.

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