To Disneyland… In Hong Kong

Monkey’s birthday was on the 9th October. She had turned 19. For her birthday, she wanted to go to Disneyland. Last year, when she went, they had a ton of Halloween stuff. This year? Not so much. Actually, not at all.

So we decided to wait until the half-term holiday to go. The way it is supposed to work now is that you buy your tickets and then register them with Disneyland. There are supposed to be only so many tickets available per day.

All of this is “supposed to” because it really didn’t seem like there was much of a limit.

We took the train to Disneyland. It’s neat because Disney does have its own train that goes between Sunny Bay on the Tung Chung Line to Disneyland. It is very obviously Disney. The downside was the trains are much shorter (only 4 cars) and at longer intervals. It was about 10 minutes to wait for the train.

I was unaware of it at the time, but because it was a T3 (meaning a strong wind typhoon signal), all of the outdoor stuff was closed.


Add to that that it really didn’t seem like they limited the number of tickets. The place was packed.

The Hong Kong Disneyland is … different.

I grew up going to the Disney World in Florida. We would go every two years when I was a kid up until we moved to Hong Kong. Then we went over Christmas a couple years ago (it’s weird to realize B was already cheating on me during that time. Or at least he was with the one I know about at that time).

This Disney has some of the same areas. Main Street, Adventureland, Fantasyland and Tomorrowland. There are a couple of different areas like Toy Story Land and Mystic Point. Then Grizzly Gulch is sort of a weird area.

It doesn’t take very long to get through it. It’s definitely not a whole day thing unless you wait in the massive lines. We tried to go on It’s a Small World, but the line was all the way out and up the hill. Mystic Mansion was the same. The kids did ride the Iron Man thing twice and a few of the other things. Food was a hard thing to manage in our group. We had 5, and the current limit is 4. H took Monster for lunch soon after we got there. I took the other two to get a table on Main Street. I think we put our names in at 1PM. We didn’t get the alert we had a table until 4PM. By that time, I had sent them to get food somewhere else.

The castle at this Disney is different. From what Monkey says, they tried to incorporate all of the princesses into the design.

The last time we were here the castle was still completely covered, so it was nice to be able to actually see it this time. It’s very colorful. I wouldn’t have expected that in Hong Kong. I’m not sure why.

I was super excited because they had the pumpkin spice drinks at the Starbucks in Disneyland. I mean they have them everywhere, but this is the first time I’ve had one in 2 years. I didn’t have them last year because I was terrified of sugar at the time. It still gives me anxiety to consume sugar, but I have managed to make some lasting changes in my eating habits. One wasn’t going to hurt anything.

There was definitely not a limit on tickets that day. There were so many people around. It was so crowded. It definitely didn’t help that half the park was closed. They kept making announcements about the T3 signal. There wasn’t a wisp of wind during the whole time we were there.

Bub thought it was hilarious. During one of the announcements, he started acting like it was super windy out. He’s such a goofball.

Despite the crowds and the typhoon signal, we ended up having a good time. It was weird not having B there, but it was also so much more calm. He gets frustrated with crowds, and he gets impatient with the kids. I was able to enjoy my time with my kids and H. It was such a good time.

I think we will try to go over Christmas as well. I want to see if they decorate similar to what Florida does. I think it will also be a slice of home for the kids. Disney is a big part of our history. It was a good day overall. I think the kids had a good time.

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