Another Inking Complete…

I had gotten an elephant for my nephew. My youngest sister is having a little girl any day now. I asked Monkey to draw a unicorn for me to go with the elephant. This is what she drew. I went to get it done.

I was supposed to go with a friend to also get her tattoo, but she hadn’t finalized the design yet. I went by myself. I went to the same guy who did the elephant.

It only took him about 20 minutes to actually tattoo the unicorn.

I love it so much. It makes it so much more special because my daughter drew it for me. She is such a talented child. I am considering adding color, but I’m not sure.

After I finished with the tattoo, I went to Central for dinner with my friend at Bouchon Bistro Francais.

I’m a little curious to see if B says anything. He never said anything about the elephant. It doesn’t really matter though. I am super happy with how it is working out so far.

My plan is to find something to go in between the two for my 2 nephews and 3 nieces. I am not sure what I want to do yet. My sister’s suggesting was fairies and dragonflies. I like that idea, but I don’t know for sure. The elephant was a no brainer because of the significance with my nephew. My sister is huge into horses, and so the unicorn really fit.

It is interesting the way I feel about these. With my previous tattoos, I felt self conscious and guilty about getting them. I felt like less of a person for having them because of B’s attitude towards them.

With these that I have gotten, I feel great. I have no regret. I wanted them. I got them. It doesn’t hurt anyone.

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