Virtual School at School

Bub goes back to school starting 29th September. Bub has struggled enough getting up for school. Bub told me he wanted to come to school with me to start getting used to going to school. For him, it is a short walk to school. Monster had been coming with me the entire week. Bub told me a couple of days before that he wanted to go on Friday. I don’t think he was super happy with his choice when I was waking him up, but I made him go.

It ended up being a pretty good day hanging out with my monsters. They stayed until about 1PM, which was when Bub’s school day ended. Monster still had one lesson left, but she had to go home for lunch.

This virtual school thing is killer. I think that for some kids, it works out really well. For mine? Not so much. Bub can’t manage himself. Monster gets overwhelmed really easily. It has worked out well having Monster at school with me. Even if I’m super busy, I am here to manage her anxiety.

It will be interesting to see how this works for Monster. She has a significantly longer trip to school than Bub. I am hoping this isn’t too soon. I think if we end up virtual again, I may lose all buy in from my kids.

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